How to Make Buying an RC Car Easy

How to Make Buying an RC Car Easy

“You can’t be expected to know what you haven’t learned yet.” This is a line in my daughter's favorite book, “Pout Pout Fish Goes to School”. This baby fish swims from room to room in a brand new school, completely overwhelmed because he has no idea how to do any of the things the fish inside are doing. The fish is ready to give up, but just then the sweet kindergarten teacher tells the fish not to worry, we will teach you how to do those things, and you're not expected to know what you haven’t learned yet. 

Buying an RC Car can feel so similar to that. When you try to research the best cars, the information you find is contradictory at best, and the reviews can completely confuse you. What scale do you want? What batteries do we need? How big is this thing? Can’t I just buy a dang car?! 

This is usually where Grandma orders a car from QVC or Mom just grabs the car that has the best Amazon review. If this is you, STOP! We are here to help buying an RC Car less overwhelming!

Here is what you need to know to get started:

  • Not all RC Cars or RC Manufacturers are created Equal.
  • Actually, they can be extremely different. From what batteries they use, to what the brand calls a certain size, (a Red Cat 1:10 scale is much smaller than a Traxxas 1:10 scale)... choosing a good brand is the most important decision. In my opinion, the number one thing to impact your purchase should be durability. Buying a cheaper car that is broken all the time will cost you more money in the end (and way more aggravation) than investing in a reputable brand from the beginning. The best Remote Control companies offer great warranties, and stand behind their products, and your local hobby shop should be able to help you along the way. 

  • Know Where and How the Driver Wants to Drive Their RC Car or Truck
  • There are SO MANY different types of RC Cars & Trucks on the market right now, and each of them have their own place, and pace. Some cars are made to go fast, some are made to go really slow to crawl over rocks, some are drag cars designed for only a straight line, some are made to race, some only for oval, others for jumps, some only should be driven inside… With so many options, make sure you have an idea where and when it will be driven first. 

  • Where You Buy Matters
  • If you have a Hobby Shop in your town, this is the best place to start. Not only can they help you make the best decision for you and your budget, they should be able to help you fix your vehicle if it breaks, and sell you replacement parts, batteries, or fuel. If you don’t have a local hobby shop, find an online hobby shop that can provide the type of customer service you're looking for. For example, We try to provide a lot of the buying experience via video content. To see what I mean, take a look at our Youtube Channel. We also offer Car Buying Guides that organizes our best selling items in one place. We are also a small Mom & Pop shop, which means you will deal with the same people every time and don’t have to worry about contradicting advice.  
    If you buy from a ‘Big Box Store’, realize that their customer service might fit your needs at the original purchase, but who will you call if you have problems with your car on Christmas morning? (If you bought it from LCRC, It's Christa or Kevin.)

  • Out of Stock Does Not Mean Out of Luck
  • In current times, inventory turnover is really unpredictable within the hobby business. If a product you're interested in purchasing does not show up as “in stock” at your local hobby shop, it's always worthwhile to call and ask about the stock status. As we approach the holiday season, I generally keep some stock back to serve walk-in clients, or those who call looking for a specific item. I also generally get shipments more than twice a week, and the new item might arrive later today. If you want to check  stock status with us, Call 717-463-9173. 

     Most of the car buying process is made easier by dealing with real people who are willing to talk you through the entire process.  If you're interested in purchasing a car from us, but need a little extra time to ask questions, or just want the VIP Treatment, ask us about LCRC One-on-One Shopping by appointment. We can schedule you a time to have the store to yourselves, and our complete attention during a 30-60 minute long appointment. There is a $100 charge for an appointment, which is provided in a Store Credit that can be used on the purchase made during your One-on-One time. For more information on Shopping by Appointment, call 717-463-9173. 

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