2021 Traxxas Car Buying Guide

2021 Traxxas Car Buying Guide


Hey everyone! It’s Christa from LCRC. First off, this is my first video back and lets just say, I was a little rusty! Give me time a grace to get better at this stuff! We have some GREAT stuff coming!

This week we launched our 2021 Traxxas Car Buying Guide, (Check out all of the cars here) and its our way of kicking off the holiday shopping season. Buying an RC Car as a gift can be daunting, so I wanted to take a moment to talk to you about the information you’ll find in this on this page, and how I can help make the process easier. I will be sure to link anything we discuss in this video in the description, and I have all the details mapped out on our website, lcrcraceway.com.  Beginners

So lets talk about the LCRC Traxxas Car Buying Guide: This one sheet guide shows all of the Traxxas vehicles that we try to keep in stock here at LCRC. Traxxas RC Cars generally come one of two ways: The first option is A RTR Car Only Package, which is a ready to drive car and includes the controller.  The other option is a Car & Battery Package, meaning a battery and charger are included inside the car box. Here at LCRC, we generally sell cars or trucks without the battery, so that you can choose which kind of battery is best for you, and fits in your budget. I have videos that discusses the types of batteries in more detail, but you can choose from either a Nimh battery, or a Lipo Battery.

On the Buyers Guide, I list the price of just the car first, if the car is available without a battery in the box. Again, you will need some sort of battery and charger to use the vehicle. The next price is the car and cheapest battery & charger option. For example, most of the 1/10 brushed cars, the cheapest option is a Nimh battery with a “Car Charger”, which is designed to charge the battery in the cigarette lighter receptacle in your car. The next price down describes the cheapest Lipo & charger option. Of course, there are ways to upgrade either option. For example, if you have decided a nimh battery is the best fit for you, but you’d like a charger that you can plug in at home, we could switch out the car charger for the EZ Peak charger, and just charge the difference.

One of my favorite parts of making these videos is being able to introduce ourselves to you. When you shop at LCRC, you are dealing directly with me, or my husband, Kevin. Our small family owned business is here to help you make the best decision for you and your family. Don’t be surprised if you meet our daughter while you’re here, or even our dog, Toby; but also expect a professional buying experience that will leave you feeling confident about the decision you’ve made. If your interested in purchasing a car from us, but need a little extra time to ask questions, or just want the VIP Treatment, ask us about LCRC One-on-One Shopping by appointment. We can schedule you a time to have the store to yourselves, and our complete attention during an hour long appointment.

That’s it for this video. Thank you for watching, and we will see you online at LCRC Raceway.com 

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