Avid AV101111 Battery Bullet Puller Tool

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The Avid battery bullet puller is a useful tool for getting your bullets out of your battery with ease. No more scratching them up with pliers or breaking wire strands by pulling on the wire.

You may ask why you need this if you can easily pull out your bullets by hand with little to no effort. Well in 10th scale, especially in 17.5, have bullets that are not super tight cause resistance and you are losing valuable energy that is right there if you tighten the bullet up. In 8th scale, if you are running them loose you take the risk of them coming out on a hard landing or wreck. 

Developed by Chadd Brockman of MHOR R/C Raceway in Denver Colorado.


  • Quick and easy tool to remove battery bullets more easily after your race.
  • No more breaking wire strands while yanking on the wires.
  • Keep your bullets looking new and shiny since you won't need pliers anymore.


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