Trinity REV2032-5 4S 15.2v 6750mah 110C "Graphene" LiHV Hi-Voltage Pack With XT90 Plug

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Graphene constructed batteries are on the cutting edge of LiPO battery construction. These materials are not only safer, but offer more performance. Truly the best of both worlds! Not only that but cell life is also extended and there is a much less chance of "puffing" the cell. 
This battery has been a long time favorite of both team drivers and customers. With a high strength hard case, durable XT90 connector, and 10 gauge wire, this pack can withstand even the hardest of 1/8th scale racing conditions! 


Battery Size 4 Cell
ROAR Approved YES
Battery Type  LiHV
Voltage 15.2v
Capacity @14.8V
Capacity @15.2V
Weight  572g avg 
Connector Type
XT90 Plug
Balance Connector XH
Number of Cells 4
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 139x47.5x47.5mm
Maximum Charge Rate 1C = 7 amps
Continuous Discharge "C"  110C
Watt Hour @14.8V N/A
 Watt Hour @15.2V
**Revtech Graphene LiHV Batteries require a LiHV compatible Charger.