Disc. Pro-Line PRO8286-204 Shadow 2.2" Rear Buggy Tires (2) (S4)

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Pro-Line Shadow 2.2" Rear Buggy Tires feature a tread that matches the internal webbing exactly, as if the internal webbing grew from the inside out. These tires offer the same tire shape as the Positron but require much less grinding and burning in to get into the sweet spot. This provides consistent stability when running as ghost shadow tread while the short tread makes it easy to burn off when needing a full slick. 
  • Low Tread Height Ideal for When Ghost or Slicks are Fast
  • Outside Tread Matches Internal Webbing Exactly
  • Shadow Tread Provides Extra Tire Stability
  • Matches Popular Positron Tire Shape
  • Much Easier and Faster to Break-in
  • Closed Cell Foam Included
  • Made in the USA, since 1982
  • Available in S3, S4 and MC compounds
Height: 3.30" (84mm)
Width: 1.67" (42mm)
  • (2) Shadow 2.2" Rear Buggy Tires 
  • (2) Closed Cell Foam Inserts