Pro Line 9075-03 1/8 Vandal M4 Front/Rear Off-Road Buggy Tires (2)

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This is a pair of Vandal 1/8 Buggy Tires. Introducing the Vandal 1/8 Buggy race tire, an evolution of our legendary Hole Shot tire engineered for hard-packed, dusty, blown-out track conditions.

Vandal development started with Pro-Line's latest generation carcass profile that utilizes a single arc to create the sidewall geometry, then transitions from the sidewall to the crown with a larger radius resulting in a rounder and less edgy appearance. This carcass provides a tailored fit to the wheel and insert package, making mounting a breeze. Focusing on grip, the Vandal's center tread density is optimized for longevity in longer runs while the addition of micro-pins at the outer edges reduces edginess in the bumps. Competitors can expect the Pro-Line Vandal tires to deliver improved consistency, drivability, and durability.

The Vandal is available in our four popular tread compounds (M3 & M4 for watered tracks, S3 & S4 long wear for more abrasive dry tracks) and includes our latest generation closed cell foam insert.

Lab Certified Select Compounds


  • Maximum Compound Grip on Low Bite Surfaces
  • Compliant Carcass Produces Traction with Controlled Expansion
  • Medium Wear on Wet Surfaces
  • Use the More Firm Material for Higher Temps and Softer Material for Lower Temps


  • Latest and Greatest Ultra Long Lasting Compound
  • Substantial Leap Forward in Terms of Grip in Dry and Slick Conditions
  • Stays Stable Throughout Long Main Events and Does not Fade or Get Soft Near the End of a Race
  • Lab Tested Batches Guarantee Performance
  • Use the More Firm Material for Higher Temps and Softer Material for Lower Temps

Please note: All tires & wheels are sold in pairs, unless otherwise noted

PRO907503 | Vandal M4 (Super Soft) Off-Road 1/8 Buggy Tires (2) for Front or Rear


  • Latest Generation Carcass for Improved Wheel & Insert Fitment
  • Engineered for Better Bump Handling and Consistent Steering
  • Micro-pins at the Outer Edges Reduces Edginess
  • Longer Lasting Tread Pattern
  • Made in the USA


  • 1/8 Buggy Wheels Front or Rear


Compound / Hardness
Super Soft
Insert Material
Closed Cell
Package Type
Tires and Inserts
Product Height
4.35" (110 mm)
Product Width
1.68" (43 mm)
Quantity Option
2 in a package
Tire Compound
M4 (Super Soft)
Tire Tread
Tire Type
Track Surface
Race Hard Packed - Watered
Vehicle Type
Wheel Position