Pro-Line 8299-104 Hexon Carpet 2.2" 2WD Front Buggy Tires (2) (Z4)

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Pro-Line Hexon 2.2" Carpet 2WD Front race tires feature a hexagon pattern of uniquely shaped pins combined with Wedge style outer pins that provide longer-lasting tread and more consistent performance than previous generations of carpet tires. The Hexon front features a low-profile tire carcass shape that lowers your car's center of gravity for improved corner speed due to consistent sidewall flex. The Hexon pins are pointed front to back for maximum control in the corners providing the direct feel carpet racers crave. 

  • Longer Lasting Tread Combined with More Consistent Performance
  • Next Generation Front Carpet Tire
  • Low Profile Tire Shape for Faster Lap Times
  • Hexon Style Pins in the Center Combine with Wedge Style Pins on the Outside
  • Provides Direct Steering Feel that Carpet Racers Crave
  • Made in the USA, since 1982
Inner Tire / Outer Wheel Diameter: 2.2 in
Height: 2.98" (76 mm)
Width: 0.85" (22 mm)