Papa Willy's Traxion Tonic - Pink Watermelon

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Papa Willy’s Pink Watermelon is our newest addition to the Traxion Tonic lineup for rubber tires. Our Pink formula is becoming a winning favorite across the country as our Team Drivers have placed it on the podium time and time again during our testing. Because of the unique blend, Pink does not dry as quickly as our other Tonics and works well when paired with our Clear Tonic.

To use:
Apply Papa Willy’s Pink Watermelon directly to clean tires. Pink Tonic works best when applied 5-20 minutes before racing (the longer the better) and dabbing off any excess before hitting the track. We recommend using our Clear Tonic prep activator prior to applying Pink but is not necessary.


Papa Willy’s Traxion Tonic is a blend of chemicals that enhances the traction on RC car tires. Do not take internally. Do not use in eyes. Avoid contact with skin. Not intended for children. Use precautions when using. By purchasing this product the user assumes all liability associated with miss-use of this product.