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The inspiration for Papa Willy’s Green Apple Tonic was originally for use on spec tires such as Mudboss stock Slash spec tires and was going to be called “Boss Sauce”; however, reports are rolling in that the Green Tonic is a beast on very dry, loose dirt on race compound tires. With a hint of fresh green apples, Papa Willy’s Green is our most aggressive Tonic in our current line up.

*NOTE – in controlled lab results this product shows to weaken and soften rubber tires to a point where they are able to be torn with bare hands. Use cautiously and conservatively.

To use:

As Boss Sauce:
Because most spec tires are composed of harder rubber we recommend a series of prepping and bagging the tires wet with our Green Tonic 3 to 4 days in a row prior to race day. Then, while at the track apply the Papa Willy’s Traxion Tonic of your choice to clean tires 5-20 minutes before the next run.

For Race Tires:
Papa Willy’s Green Tonic dries faster than our Gold or Red Tonics, so it’s favorable to apply the Green Tonic to clean tires 1-5 minutes prior to the next run.

**Please note – due to the great demand for the product we are bringing it to market early. Test results are still coming in. If you are unsure of which Tonic would work best for you feel free to message us through our Facebook page.


Papa Willy’s Traxion Tonic is a blend of chemicals that enhances the traction on RC car tires. Do not take internally. Do not use in eyes. Avoid contact with skin. Not intended for children. Use precautions when using. By purchasing this product the user assumes all liability associated with miss use of this product.