JConcepts 8142 RM2 1/8th Truck Insert Bands (24)

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The JConcepts RM2 1/8th Truck Insert Bands help to reduce expansion during high wheel speeds or high traction surfaces. Whether it's racing, bashing or just general driving, foam expansion can be an issue. This expansion can cause everything from inconsistent traction to foam or tire failures. The RM2 Insert Bands hold the tire foam in place keeping expansion in check. The bands material construction is undersized and dimensioned to hold inserts firmly to the wheel and can be placed in any location on the insert that falls or locks into an existing groove. Typically, a racer will use a band in each slot location on the insert for best results. The rubber material is durable, reusable and can be used in multiple sets of tires if no damage or over-usage has occurred. 


  • Rubber material construction
  • Sized for hold and stability
  • Reusable through multiple sets of tires
  • 24 pieces included per package
  • (24) RM2 1/8th Truck Insert Bands