Furitek FUR-2094 SCX24 Liko Pro Plus Brushless Combo

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The Furitek SCX24 Liko Pro Plus Brushless Combo is a great option to increase the performance of the Axial SCX24. This set features plug and play connectivity and features a Lizard Pro ESC, Bluetooth Module, Komodo Motor and a Komoto Motor Mount. These components all come together for incredible low end torque and control. Unlock the full potential of your Axial SCX24 with the Furitek SCX24 Liko Pro Plus Brushless Combo
  • Support sensorless brushless DC and brushed DC motor (config via app, default is brushless)
  • FOC (Field-oriented control) technology
  • Plug & Play designed for AXIAL SCX24 crawlers
  • 5V/6.5V @ 2.5A Built-in BEC (config via app)
  • Support 2S-3S lipo battery Mini size and lightweight
  • Super easy programming via App on both Android and IOS
  • Firmware update available (Bluetooth module required)
  • Real-time telemetry up to 10Hz Ability to run with stock TX/RX or any other TX/RX
Voltage: 2-3S
BEC: 5V or 6.5V @ 2.5A
Constant current: 30A
Burst current: 50A
Dimension: 28x15.5mm (LxW)
Weight: 3.7 gram

  • (1) Lizard Pro Esc
  • (1) Power Cable
  • (1) Heat Shrinkable Tube
  • (1) Servo to Jst Receiver Cable
  • (1) Furitek Bluetooth
  • (1) Komodo brushless motor
  • (1) Aluminum CNC motor mount
  • (1) 0.5M spur gear and 12T pinion gear