Flash Point FP2102 Fuel Measuring Syringe

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The Fuel Measuring Syringe is used for checking runtime.  

How to calculate your runtime using the Flash Point Fuel Measuring Syringe. 

-Make sure your fuel tank is full.  Nitro buggies have a compacity of 125cc and nitro trucks have a compacity of 150cc.  Start a timer (stopwatch) as you leave pitlane for your qualifier or practice session.  

-After the qualifier or practice session, stop the timer when you pull back into pitlane.  Shut off the engine and bring the vehicle back to the pits.  Make sure to note the total drive time from your qualifier.  Example:  6minutes and 32 seconds. 

-Draw the remaining fuel from the tank using the Flash Point Fuel Measuring Syringe and make note of how many cc’s are remaining.  Example:  42cc remaining after 6:32 of running. 

-Tanks compacity is 125cc for buggy and you had 42cc after 6:32.  This means you used 83cc during the 6 minute and 32 second run.  (125cc – 42cc = 83cc). 

-6 minutes and 32 seconds of runtime is 392 seconds.  You’ll need to divide the seconds driven by the cc’s used.  392 / 83 = 4.72 is the drivetime per cc of fuel.  Take that number and multiply it by the tanks total compacity of 125cc.  4.72 x 125 = 590.  This will give you the total number of seconds you can drive per tank.  At the current tune, you can run 590 second or just short of 10 minutes per tank of fuel.