Custom Works 0650 Beast Midget Kit

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This kit is designed for use in the growing 1/10 midget class of dirt oval racing.  It is well suited for loose dirt style tracks and high bite surfaces that typically use 2.2 buggy styled rubber tire.

With it’s heritage based off of the successful Outlaw Sprint car this new Beast Midget kit comes with several different parts and features to make it perfectly suited for the growing 1/10 Midget Spec Class of racing.

  • Offset Carbon Chassis Plate~
  • 3MM Offset Carbon rear tower~
  • CW MDX Big Bore shocks on all 4 corners
  • Rigid Rear camber link mount
  • Long Rear Arms for increased rear traction
  • 3MM Rear Arm mounts with adjustgable 3 and 5 degrees of toe
  • 30 Degree front suspension mounts with 3MM screws*
  • One piece shock mounts
  • Includes all cage and body parts and panels
  • Full Ball Bearings
  • CW 2.6 Ball Differential
  • Dual Bellcrank Steering setup
  • Titanium Turnbuckles throughout
  • Adjustable height motor mount

While many of the above parts are utilized to meet the spec class requirements there are several other optional parts that can be used outside of the spec class rules for quicker and easier adjustments.

  • Optional Custom Works patented adjustable rear arms
  • Optional Gear Differential available

*Note: Not all hardware is metric yet but many of the key components are now which include the front and rear suspension mounts. With this change the 3mm screws will use a larger 2mm or 5/64″ hex wrench which will make installation and removal of the screws much easier then with the 1/16″ wrench in the past.