Salvas 2023 Nextgen Mudboss Interpanel

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Now available as an optional part, The SALVAS 2023 Mudboss NEXTGEN innerpanel. Racers will be allowed to use this new part to replace the inner 3 pieces of the current Salvas Mudboss bodies. This panel is a legal optional body part in all Salvas mudboss classes.
Current Salvas Mudboss side panels will need new mounting holes drilled (template provided) to use this innerpanel. Future Salvas Mudboss body side panels will come pre drilled with these mounting holes. This SALVAS Mudboss NEXTGEN innerpanel will include a brand new adjustable rear spoiler.


  • Legal in all mudboss classes
  • Molded Innerpanel to replace current inner 3 pieces.
  • Made of 0.040 Thick Clear Lexan
  • This innerpanel will include a template to ‘drill’ actual doors for retrofitment.
  • Newer doors and roof have holes for either configuration.
  • Adjustable rear spoiler
  • Fits LCG chassis and will HCG chassis with shorter front body posts

(1) SALVAS Mudboss NEXTGEN Innerpanel
(1) Adjustable Spoiler
Body Hole Drilling Template