1UP Racing 10403 Carbon Fiber 1/8 Offroad Body Washers (4)

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This is a pack of optional 1UP Racing Carbon Fiber Body Washers for 1/8 scale off-road applications. Increase the lifespan of your body and do away with annoying scratches and scuffs from the body mounts with these 3M extreme adhesive backed Carbon Fiber Body Washers. Even as your body ages the mounting holes will remain perfect and crack free. Easy peel-and-stick application.

To install, stick the 3M adhesive side of the washer to the inside of your body for invisible protection. 

NOTE: The oblong hole washers allow the body post the flexibility to move, as there is some chassis flex during normal off-road use. Be sure to make the body post hole in the body of similar size. The Oblong hole washer is typically used on the rear posts but depends on the model.