LCRC's 2021 Under $200 Dollar RC Car Buyers Guide

Hey guys, its Christa from LCRC and I’m here to talk to you about our new “Under $200 Car Buying Guide”. If you’re looking for a budget friendly rc car, this is a great list of our best sellers, and today I’m going show themto you. Remember, these vehicles are available in store, or online at

Up first, Let’s take a look at the Team Associated line of 1:28th scale vehicles. These cars are a blast. We personally have the MT28, and I actually recently moved around furniture in our living room so we could set up a track. Its fun, and a great gift for a beginner, or a season rc enthusiast. If you have an 1:8 scale racer in your life, The TR28 is a 1/8 scale truggy replica. I’m telling you, racers get excited about this thing, and you can even get clear bodies for it, so just imagine your racer making it looking like a miniature of their own trucks. Coming in under $60.00, this is a super fun, and budget friendly way to give an RC Gift this year. Just like everything on this list, everything you need to drive this car is included in the box.

Next, Check out the Axial SCX24- this crawler is well built, and you won’t believe all the upgrades that are available for it. If you’ve been wanting to dip your toe into crawling, the Axial SCX24’s are a great place to get into that world without a huge investment. I also personally love how realistic they are, and the versatility of where you can use them.  If you like to tinker, there are tons of modifications you can make to this truck to make it perform better. The SCX24 comes in at cool $135, with everything you need to start crawling, in the box.

Traxxas is hands down the largest RC Manufacturer in the world, and there is a reason for that. Of course their line of La Trax vehicles have to be part of this list. Whether your into drifting the Rally around your garage, or you want to build a small outdoor track for the Pre-Runner: This car is hard to beat for the price. Starting at $140 including a battery and a charger, these vehicles are durable, and fixable. That’s right, unlike that million dollars you have spent at Wal-mart buying RC Cars you’ve had to throw away, Traxxas makes the parts to keep these things going in case your hard on equipment.  We keep the Rally, The Pre Runner, and the Teton in stock, so make sure you check them out.

That’s it for our under $200 Car Buying Guide. We didn’t give you a ton of options on purpose: not all budget friendly Remote Control cars are created equal. Your on the right track because your watching this video and doing your research on what’s you should buy, so don’t waste your money on other cheaper cars because they look cool. There is nothing more devastating on Christmas morning than little Johnny breaking his RC Car 5 minutes after he opened the box, and there are no parts available to fix it. The cars we suggest are from good, reputable company’s that stand behind their product. And, if we are selling them, you know exactly where to turn if you have any trouble.

That’s it for this video. Thank you for watching, and we will see you online at LCRC 

Honorable Mentions: The Losi Mini B 1:16 Buggy