ROAR Registration & Event Sign Up - 2020 1:8 Offroad Fuel Nationals

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ROAR Registration & Event Sign Up - 2020 1:8 Offroad Fuel Nationals

ROAR Membership & Event Registration

We are proud to host one of the largest RC Racing Events in the United States this June, the 2020 ROAR 1:8 Offroad Fuel Nationals. This race will be epic, and the very best racers in the country will be competing to hold the National Champion title; but there are also going to be tons of racers that will race this event just for love of the hobby! For those guys, this race can feel intimidating at times. We are going to do everything we can to answer every question our community has, and simplify the process. Part of that is this email, which will walk you through updating your membership and details about future registration. We will also be providing Tech clinics during the Nats Warm Up race on April 24th - 26th. These clinics will offer education and inspections to prepare you to pass tech inspection at Nats. 

So lets get to your questions: 

Event Registration will open 90 days prior to the event, and according to our calculations, that should be around March 26th. (When we find out an exact date and time of day, we will send another email with those details.) In order to sign up for the event, you will have to have a valid ROAR Membership in place through the date of the event and we are here to help make that be as easy as possible! 

To be clear; We are not ROAR, we are not in charge of their website, nor have any expertise for this guide, so if you have any questions, you should definitely reach out to ROAR directly. But, We are racers, who know this can all be confusing, and since we were making sure our membership was up to date, we thought we would walk you through how to do it. 

You can do the membership online or via mail in form, but we would suggest that you do so online. Getting your ROAR Online account up and active is important for being able to register for the event online, since we all know these races seem to sell out quickly. (Entries are limited to 350 racers). 

Signing up Online:

Step 1: To sign up for ROAR Online, visit this link:
In order to use the online registration, you must first create an account on their website.

Tip: Getting your Online Account set up now will also make it easier to sign up for the event when registration opens. 

Step 2: Once you login to your online account on ROAR's website, you will go directly to a page with links. You can click the link under "Membership" to check on your membership or purchase additional family members. 

Tip: You'll need your previous ROAR number if you have been a member in the past. 

Step 3: Fill out your Membership Details. Cost of membership will be $35 for the year, and once you fill in all the details and hit "Next", it will take you to a confirmation page, and you will have the option to click "Pay Now". Payment is processed through Paypal. 

Your all Done! You will receive a temporary Membership card via email!

Registering for ROAR 1:8 Offroad Fuel Nationals

Registration is not open yet for Fuel Nats, but when it does, here are the details for signing up online:

When registration opens for Fuel Nats, you will be able to register online by clicking the "Members Area" link in the top right corner, Clicking "Members Home" and then clicking the link under "Races". If registration is open, it will appear here. 

Check out the LCRC Visitors Guide for everything you need to know about visiting LCRC Raceway! Check it out here!

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