Results from the 2019 Mugen Challenge hosted by LCRC Raceway

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The 2019 Mugen Challenge was held at the LCRC Raceway in Central Pennsylvania, attracting 389 entries from across the country. The event kicked off on Wednesday with the "Mechanics Clinic" taught by Pat Risser & Kevin Mummah. This brand new 10 entry clinic taught 1:8 Drivers & Crew good maintenance practices, and how to setup their cars. Once again this year, on Thursday, Mugen Seiki's Adam Drake hosted the Annual Drake Clinic, and worked with 20 drivers to improve their cars and their driving skills. 

Friday kicked off open practice, which was delayed by some early morning rain, but perfect weather followed for the remainder of the race. Throughout the weekend, 21,389 laps were put on the new LCRC layout, which featured an over/under obstacle. 

The staff at LCRC Raceway would like to extend a special thanks to everyone that attended the 2019 Mugen Challenge, and for all your kind words and encouragement throughout the event. Special thanks to the sponsors who make this all possible: Mugen Seiki Racing, Flash Point RC, JConcepts Inc, Absolute Hobbyz, and Pro-Line Racing.


Expert 1-8 Electric Buggy

  1. Adam Drake
  2. Jared Wiggins
  3. Mike Gay
  4. Anthony Mazzarea
  5. Sam Langer


Expert Nitro Buggy

  1. Adam Drake
  2. Ethan Mackanick
  3. Jared Wiggins
  4. Jason Schreffler
  5. Alex Miller


1-8 Nitro Truggy

  1. Jared Wiggins
  2. Adam Drake
  3. Anthony Mazzara
  4. Christian Pahud
  5. Sam Langer


1-8 Electric Truggy

  1. Anthony Mazzara
  2. Jared Bardin
  3. Rod Schumann
  4. Erik Voekle
  5. Cowboy Risser


40+ Electric Buggy

  1. Scott Hartman
  2. Matt Williard
  3. Binh Quan
  4. Sean Okeefe
  5. Ron Geresinski


40+ Nitro Buggy

  1. Anthony Mazzara
  2. Stephen Plackis
  3. Larry Komisar
  4. Johnny Drakeford
  5. Kevin Mummah


Intermediate 1-8 Nitro Buggy

  1. Travis Jones
  2. Jeff Monaghan
  3. Clinton Kryger
  4. Jeremy Densi
  5. Rob Regl


Intermediate 1-8 Electric Buggy

  1. Travis Jones
  2. Bradon Swisher
  3. Eliot Riley
  4. Braden Dommel
  5. Ryan Boggs



  1. Jordon Isselhard
  2. Bennie Wilkerson
  3. Eli Kratzer
  4. Andy Isenberg
  5. Donnie Bollinger


1-8 Novice

  1. Colton Furnari
  2. Robert Sutton
  3. Donnie Bollinger
  4. Daniel Ramdeen
  5. Carl Smith


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