Results from the 2019 East Coast Race Against Cancer Hosted by LCRC Raceway

Race Results -

Results from the 2019 East Coast Race Against Cancer Hosted by LCRC Raceway

The Race Against Cancer 

hosted by LCRC Raceway

The 2019 East Coast Race Against Cancer was held this past weekend at the LCRC Raceway in Central Pennsylvania, attracting a record breaking 409 entries to raise an astounding $18,000 for The American Cancer Society. The 3 day event was the largest in the history of RAC, and the largest event ever held at LCRC Raceway. 

The 17th Annual Race Against Cancer has now raised a total of $173,000 for cancer research since its inception. Original hosted by the late Doug McCullough at McCullough’s Raceway, the event moved to LCRC Raceway in 2017 after Doug's passing.  Racers for years have used the Race Against Cancer to honor their family and loved ones who have battled cancer, and now, it is also a way for racers to honor McCullough and his passion for the cause.

The $18,000 is raised from entry money as well as from the many exciting raffles throughout the weekend. Passionate sponsors that have come on board to provide great products to the raffle, which racers purchase tickets to try to win. Volunteers and LCRC staff members, donated their time and efforts to assist Racers Against Cancer Enterprises leader Scott Siegel, who puts countless hours into gathering sponsorship and organizing the event each year. 

Sponsors this year included: 46 RC, Absolute Hobbyz, ACS Hobbies, AKA Racing, Amain Performance Sports and Hobbies, Bamko, CowRC, Factory Xtreme RC, GMK Supply, Hi-Tech Health, Hobby Authority (Maclan Racing), Hobbywing North America, Intelometry, JConcepts, Joe Bornhorst, LCRC Raceway, Moody Sales & Service, Mugen Racing, Pro-Line Racing, RC America, The Siegel Family, SMC Racing, Sweep Racing USA, Team Associated, and Tekno RC. 

1/10 2wd Mod Buggy
1. Mike Gay
2. Thomas Kauffman
3. Dave Depasquale
1/10 4WD Mod Buggy
1. Mike Gay
2. Ian Cameron
3. David Harvey
1. Stinky 
2. Roger Cross
3. Gavin Nipple
4wd SCT Mod
1. David Harvey
2. Big Money matt
3. Jeremy McGuigan
1:10 Mini Truggy
1. James Henry
2. Michael Rowley
3. Will Alameida
1:8 Novice
1. Dylan Manchanda
2. Tyler Beiter
3. Donnie Bollinger
+40 Electric Buggy
1. Paul Ciccarello
2. Anthony Mazzara
3. Paul Dalton
+40 Nitro Buggy
1. Johnny Drakeford
2. Scott Belcastro
3. Paul Rutledge
1/8 Nitro Truggy
1. Ethan MacKanick
2. Jamie Grayek
3. Paul Ciccarello
1:8 Electric Truggy
1. Anthony Mazzara
2. Jordan Ringer
3. Cody Saner
Int. 1:8 Electric Buggy
1. Elliot Riley
2. Don Hillard
3. Ray Leskanic
Exp. 1:8 Electric Buggy
1. Joe Bornhorst
2. Jared Wiggins
3. Paul Ciccarello
1:8 Nitro Buggy
1. Joe Bornhorst
2. Jared Wiggins
3. Jamie Grayek

TQ: Jason Schreffler

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