LCRC Raceway's Buyers Guide for the Traxxas Slash: 2019 Gift Guide!

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LCRC Raceway's Buyers Guide for the Traxxas Slash: 2019 Gift Guide!

We are working hard to deliver lots of great Gift Guides for every Driver in your life, and since the Traxxas Slash is so popular here, I know that part of our community is looking for the best gifts for the Slash driver in their life. This recommendation list is a little different than the Mugen list we sent out last, mostly because these are "Christa's picks." 

When we built our RC Track 10 years ago, I didn't know anything about RC Cars. I raced ATV Motocross for most of my life, and knew a lot about racing and wrenching, but I had never even saw a remote control car in person. Fast forward to now, I work on 1:10 Traxxas cars and trucks every single day. I love telling that story because its one of my favorite things about this hobby: anyone can do it, even without any experience.  

I take pride in the fact that I now am the go to person within our business for all things Traxxas Slash, and that I can offer some great advice on what would make a good gift. This list is made for the Traxxas Slash, but most parts will also fit a Bandit, Rustler, and the Stampede 2 Wheel Drive models. 



1.) RPM Traxxas Front Bearing Carriers ( Rustler, Stampede, Bandit, Slash)
One of three parts that should be at the top of the list of upgrades on the Traxxas Slash. The stock hub carriers can break at impact where the steering tie rod meets the hub carrier. These RPM Hub Carriers are Lifetime Warrantied, so if you do break them, send them back to RPM and they will send you some new ones!

2.) RPM 80382 Traxxas Rear Bearing Carriers (Rustler, Stampede, Bandit, Slash)
The second part that is known to break at impact, these RPM Rear Hub Carriers are Lifetime Warrantied, so if you do break them, send them back to RPM and they will send you some new ones! (Pro Tip: They offer the warranty because they rarely break! These RPM products make this car even more durable by eliminating a weak point!)

3.) RPM 80712 Caster Block 30 Deg (Rustler, Stampede, Bandit, Slash) (2)
These RPM Caster blocks are the 3rd most commonly broken part on the Traxxas Slash 2WD, Stampede, Rustler, and Bandit. During a front end impact, the bolt that runs up and down through the caster block will bend and the stock caster blocks will break. Replace them with these great lifetime warrantied RPM ones!

4.)Traxxas 3767A Aluminum Ultra Shock Cap (Blue) (4)
Traxxas Aluminum shock caps are a popular upgrade, and for very good reason! The stock plastic shock caps can pull away from the plastic shock bodies that come on the Traxxas 1:10 vehicles. Once these caps have popped apart, the plastic threads don't hold as well, but upgrading them to these aluminum caps will keep that from happening! Choose from Red, Blue, Pink or Green!

5.)The following MIP Tools are an AWESOME gift for any RC enthusiast. Good tools can make a huge difference while working on your RC Car, and MIP are revered as the best in the market. The sizes below are exactly the ones you would need to work on the Traxxas Slash including the 1.5 mm (For set screws like in the pinion gear), 2.0 mm (Screws throughout the car), and 2.5 mm (Which works for the A-arm Screws).

MIP 9007 Thorp Hex Driver (1.5 mm)

MIP 9008 Thorp Hex Driver (2.0 mm)

MIP Thorp 9009 Hex Driver (2.5 mm)

MIP 9704 Metric Nut Driver (7.0mm)

6.)ST Racing ST3640BK Heat Treated Polished Steel Locknut Style Hinge Pin (Black)
The A-arm screws on the Slash have a habit of backing out or bending. Upgrade to these stronger steel hinge pins with nuts!

7.)Traxxas 6511 Link Wireless Module
For drivers that already have a TQi Radio and Receiver, this handy little Wireless link will plug in to the back of the Radio to enable it to connect to a cell phone or device! See simulated speeds, RPMS, Update electronics in your car, or make changes to the driver profile. This is a fun add on for any Traxxas enthusiast!

8.)Traxxas 5830 Slash 2WD LCG Conversion Kit
This Lower Center of Gravity Chassis is a great way to improve the handling of the Traxxas Slash 2wd, especially for anyone who drives on a track or parking lot!

9.)Pro-Line 1182-22 Badlands SC Tires w/Split Six Wheels (2) (Slash Rear) (M2)
Badlands have been a popular tire choice for the Slash since the tire came out, due to its lug like tread. (They compare it to a dirtbike tire!)

10.) Traxxas 6509R - TQi 2.4 GHz High Output radio system, 2-channel, TSM (2-ch transmitter, 5-ch micro receiver)
The TQi Radio and Receiver is available as a Power Up from Traxxas. This means, if you bring your old Traxxas Radio and trade it in for the TQi for only $67.50. The radio you trade in doesn't even have to work!

11.) Traxxas 3350R VXL-3S Velineon Brushless Power System Combo (Waterproof)
The Brushless Combo is available as a Power Up from Traxxas. This means, if you bring your XL5 and Titan 12 T Motor and get this system for only $125.00. The best part is the motor and ESC Don't have to be in working order.

12.) Traxxas 5862 Big Bore Shocks (Slash, Stampede, Rustler, Slash 4x4, Bandit, ) (4)
These shocks are popular because they offer all the best upgrades available from traxxas but are already put together. They have Aluminum Shock Caps, Aluminum Bodies, Titanium Shafts, and include the shock fluid.

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