LCRC Raceway 1/8 Electric Offroad Buyers Guide

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LCRC Raceway 1/8 Electric Offroad Buyers Guide

If you have visited our track, you know E Buggy is one of our largest classes. It makes sense in this region of Central Pennsylvania for the Electric classes to be so popular, because of the popularity of events like Motorama, (Motorama is a hugely popular indoor race held about an hour from us at the PA Farm Show Complex), and the Roar 1/8 Offroad Electric Nationals being hosted in our region at Adrenaline RC last year. 

Electric Classes are also a popular stepping stone into offroad racing for a lot of our customers. We find that many beginners will start with a Short Course vehicle, and then move to an 1/8 scale electric buggy or truggy. 

Whether your a newbie or a seasoned veteran, Kevin put together a list of his favorite products for the Electric Buggy and Truggy, and some insight about how he sets up his personal vehicles. Did we miss your favorite item? Let us know!

1.) Junsi iCharger 308DUO Lilo/LiPo/Life/NiMH/NiCD DC Battery Charger (8S/30A/1300W) - $269.99

Kevin says, "This is the highest powered balancing charger that I know of, and the charger I use personally. Its everything an 1/8 scale racers could need or want. Fast charging for 4 cell batteries, Dual charging capabilities to keep up with multiple classes, and the handy flip up screen make this charger a winner and one of my favorite investments."

2.) Fantom FAN28591 12 Volt DC POWER SUPPLY - 75 Amp / 900 Watt - with USB - $79.99

Kevin says, "This Fantom Power Supply is high powered, but yet compact for a power supply. Includes 3 sets of 5mm bullets for output, and an USB output that's ideal for those wishing to charge an Sanwa M17."

3.) Fantom FAN25190 5800mAh, 110C-160C, 15.2v, 4-Cell (4S), LOW PROFILE, PRO HV Silicon Graphene LiHV - $104.95

"Fantom provides a great battery at a reasonable price in this 5800 Low Pro 4 cell. I use this battery personally,  even using it in both Buggy and Truggy at E-Nats because the races were only 6 minutes long. The Low Profile case fits very nicely under the body."

4.) Exotek Racing 1756BLK 1/8 E-Buggy Clamp On Fan Mount (Black) - $20.49

"I use these fan mounts in my 1/10 scale cars, and love them. I've never ran fans in my 1/8 cars, but if your a person that likes to run a motor fan, this mount is a great option."

5.) Absolute Hobbyz Digital Battery Checker - $17.99

"Batteries are expensive, and an investment that you need to care for to get the most life out of them. Having a digital battery checker around makes it really easy to know the status of every battery, all the time."

6.) DE Racing DER-TSB-BLK 1/8 Buggy Tire Spikes (Black) 
DE Racing DER-TST-BLK Truggy Tire Spikes (Black) - $11.95

"I have too many of these spikes to mention. Hands down the best way to organize 1/8 tires in my opinion."

7.) ProTek RC PTK5453 1.5, 5, 6 & 8mm Shrink Tubing Assortment Pack (Black) (20) (1" Length) - $3.49

"A must have for the Electric racers tool box. Perfect pre-cut pieces at the sizes you'll need most, ready for on the go."

8.) Yokomo RP-032 40x40x10mm Racing Performer Cooling Fan - $12.25

"This is our best selling 1/8 Fan!"

9.) Fantom FAN28295 150mm FLEX-Max Sensor Cable - $9.75

"When you build your car, and know what length sensor wire you need, you should always carry a spare cable in your tool box. The first time you experience an electrical issue, a great place to start is to replace these inexpensive cables."

10.) JConcepts Rubber Parts Tray (Black) - $13.75

"I love this JConcepts Rubber Parts Trays at your pit table. They are really nice for keeping screws and nuts from rolling away, and offers great holes to hold your diff cases so they don't fall over while your rebuilding them. And, they wash up really well!

11.) Kyosho Vibration Absorption Sheet - $13.99

"This Gel tape is awesome. We use the Green gel between the speed control tray and the chassis to provide a happy little pillow for our electronics. The Blue tape is perfect for under the receivers in our receiver box to absorb any extra impact. 

12.) DYNC0023 EC5 Device & Battery Connector - $6.99

"I use the EC5 Connectors because they have high current flow. They are easy to plug in and out. "

13.) ProTek PTK-5039 RC 4.5mm "TruCurrent" XT90 Polarized Connectors - $6.29

"The XT90 has the same characteristic as the EC5's, just with a different brand and casing. They seem to be a little easier to soilder than the EC5"

14.) Tekin 12awg Silicon Power Wire (Black) (3') - $11.99

"The wire I use personally to wire my 1/8 scale cars."

15.) Sponge Tape for Urethane Bumpers (10) OP-1430 - $3.49

"Perfect for filling the gap between the battery and the sides of the battery box to help protect the battery from moving within the box.

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