2021 Mugen Challenge Results

Race Results -

2021 Mugen Challenge Results

2021 Mugen Challenge Results

Everyone at LCRC Raceway would like to thank all of the racers and families that attended  the 2021 Mugen Challenge! This event hosted 383 entries comprised of a fantastic group of racers. We cannot say it enough: the success of our races are a combination of the great people who attend, and those who help us with track work and all the behind the scenes magic. The Mugen Challenge is further proof of this.  Unfortunately, Sunday was eventually cut short due to rain, but we were blessed throughout the day that we got in as many mains as we did. 
Flash Point and Mugen Racing were generous enough to sponsor the event with a fantastic number of door prizes, as well as a raffle for a MBX8 World Edition car kit. J Concepts also provided amazing giveaways and gift certificates for the racers! The winners were beyond excited to receive such awesome prizes! 
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Expert Electric Buggy
1. Adam Drake (TQ)
2. Jason Schreffler
3. Paul Ciccarello
4. Gaven Gibler
5. Gavin Vucina

B Main Winner: Steve Warrington
Expert Nitro Buggy
1. Adam Drake (TQ)
2. Gaven Gibler
3. Ethan Mackanick
4. Jason Schreffler
5. Paul Ciccarello

B Main Winner: Kyra Bach
1/8 Nitro Truggy
1. Bryan Kata
2. Ethan MacKanick
3. Cody Saner
4. Cowboy Risser
5. Kevin Siller

B Main Winner: Rob Allen
(TQ) Adam Drake
1/8 Electric Truggy
1. Paul Ciccarello (TQ)
2. Ian Cameron
3. Matt Williard
4. Ty Payne
5. Brett Butter

B Main Winner: Aydan Manchanda
40+ Nitro Buggy
1. Matt Williard
2. Paul Dalton
3. James Henry
4. Tom Petrella
5. Rob Allen

B Main Winner: Kevin Mummah
TQ: Nelson Quinones
40+ Electric Buggy
1. Matt Williard
2.. Binh Quan (TQ)
3. Tom Petrella
4. Scott Hatman
5. Nelson Quinones

B Main Winner: Adam Gregory
Intermediate 1/8 Electric Buggy
1. Gavin Nipple (TQ)
2. Dominick Smith
3. Greg Vucina
4. Zack Mazurek
5. Adam Curry
Intermediate 1/8 Nitro Buggy
1. Gavin Nipple (TQ)
2. Tony E
3. Trevor Olberding
4. Dylan Manchanda
5. Miguel Velez

B Main Winner: Nick Cormier
1/8 Novice
1. Landon Rowley
2. Zander Neimond
3. Isaax Neimond (TQ)
4. Dylan Kimmell
5. Harry Cornelius

B Main Winner: Chris Nornhold
Mini Truggy
1. John Fuhrmann
2. Taylor Lown
3. Mike Ohm
4. Shawn Rearick
5. Kenny Jeffries

(TQ) Dominick Smith
1. Will Alameida
2. Cam Romberger (TQ)
3. John Fuhrmann
4. Jamie Groff
5. Jason Houseman
1. Matt Adams (TQ)
2. Matt Delbaugh
3. Chaz Auker
4. Carl Smith
5. Brandon Malinowski
Oval 1/8 Nitro Late Model

1. Cody Saner
2. Cowboy Risser
3. Matt Nevoso
Coming up Next at LCRC: Don't miss this fantastic race for a cause. The 19th Annual East Coast Race Against Cancer will be held at LCRC Raceway on September 16th - 19th. 
Details can be found here: https://lcrcraceway.com/blogs/introducing-the-lcrc-raceway-online-store/19th-annual-east-coast-race-against-cancer-to-be-held-at-lcrc-race-september-16-19-2021

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