2021 Fuel Nats Warm Up Results

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2021 Fuel Nats Warm Up Results

Our family and staff would like to thank all of the racers and families that attended the Fuel Nats Warm Up race at LCRC Raceway! We are proud to say that we hosted 339 entries during the three day event, and prelude to the 2021 1/8 Offroad Fuel Nats, including some of the fastest drivers in the country. 

The race kicked off Thursday and Friday with two full days of practice and provided a great opportunity for racers testing setups for Fuel Nats. Saturday the crew worked diligently to hammer through 3 rounds of heats and still be done racing by around 10:00 pm. Sunday, water breaks and track prep turned over like a well oiled machine, and the crew wrapped up racing by 5:00pm. Track conditions changed throughout the day as the track grooved up, but held together very well. The entire LCRC Track crew worked so well throughout the weekend, and are the reason this great event went off without a hitch. 

This event hosted tight battles in most every main event on Sunday. If you missed any of the action, 46RC provided excellent coverage through out the weekend, and you can check out the footage on their YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-cXQAdFROiozwaybOUN38Q 

Our events simply would not be possible without the help of our amazing crew. 

Thomas Kaufman & Ezra Korick did a fantastic job announcing and keeping the program running seamlessly all weekend. Kyle Barton ran interference all weekend, handling any issues that arose and basically made sure no one ever saw a hiccup. Our track crew, esspecially Cody Saner, Zach Luke, Earl Kramer, Shane Nipple, and Elliot Riley  are pros and we cannot say enough for how perfectly they handled track maintenance. Kendall Mackanick is a fantastic asset in the hobby shop, and of course selling 50/50! Dad, Bob Watson, handles so much from parking, to trash, to making sure there is toilet paper in the port-o-johns, and always with a smile. Toby Hamson of 46RC continues to improve the coverage of the events, and is tirelessly improving each time he comes. 

Without these people, and so many more, none of this would be possible. 

And of course, we have to thank the racers.  Our program would have never been able to run so smoothly without your cooperation. Each of you came running to make sure marshal spots were filled, and you guys show up ready each step of the way. We say it a lot, but we definitely have the best racers in the world right here at LCRC. 

Results: https://lcrc.liverc.com/results/

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