Trinity TEP2414 2S Pro Charge Cable XT60 with 5mm Bullet Connectors (Black)

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Are you looking to get that "factory" look on your pit table? Look no further than the Pro Charge Cables from Team Trinity. Made with the highest quality 10 gauge wire and then individually sleeved, not only do they look great they also preform great. These cables have been tested and approved for charging at even the highest of rates! 






  • 24" long
  • 2 Cell Lipo ready
  • Works with all high end chargers
  • New Hi-Amp XT60 Connector on charger side 
  • New Hi-Amp gold plated 5mm bullets on battery side for tighter fit and higher amp carrying capacity
  • Black wire braid, covers wires completely
  • Custom Trinity Logo Shrink Wrap