Oval Track

LCRC Raceway 2020 Dirt Oval Information & Rules

**We are working on building a collection of all our Oval racing products. Check them out here

We are Racing Oval Thursday Nights for the remainder of the year. 

Thursday, August 20th
Thursday, September 17th
Thursday, June 25th



Thursday Night Races:
Track opens at 5
Racing begins at 6:30
2 rounds of 4 min quals with double 50 laps A mains
$20 entry fees per class, kids 10 and under $10

⅛ Nitro Late Model
⅛ Electric Late Model
SC Mod Late Model
13.5 Blinky Mud Boss
13.5 Blinky Street Stock
12T stock truck
12T stock Mud Boss
1:10 Sportsman 

General rules
No metal body parts
No side dams
3” rear spoiler max
Rubber tire only (no foam tire)
Family atmosphere
Good behavior required

⅛ Nitro Late Model Rules
Must be 14 years of age or older
4wd production buggy conversions
No offsetting a arms
Offroad drive train, dog bone style, no on road stuff
OEM chassis only
12 ⅝ -13” wheel base
11-13” width
Plastic or foam bumpers only
.21 engines
No 2 speeds
Preferred tire is Bandito SC-M C3 Compound

⅛ Electric Late Model
Same as nitro, with 4s limit.  
No motor size limit

SC Mod Late Model
SC kit chassis (no LTO chassis)
Battery may be moved but must remain inside the original chassis footprint
1/10 electronics
SC wheels, open offset, open hex size
SC open rubber tire, no foam tires
2s limit

13.5 Blinky Mud Boss
Slash based, high or LCG chassis allowed
RPM parts with 2wd slash on header tag are allowed
White Traxxas springs only
Traxxas “clip” style shocks only, al or plastic body
SC wheels, open offset
SC open rubber tire, no foam tires
Salvas body or undetectable clone
ROAR approved 13.5 motor
Stock spec esc or Blinky mode
2s limit
Battery may be moved but must remain inside the original chassis footprint

13.5 Blinky Street Stock
ROAR approved 13.5
Stock spec esc or blinky mode
2wd offroad buggy based
No LTO chassis
Battery may be moved but must remain inside the original chassis footprint
Approved bodies only (Mcalister “street stock” only)
No additional spoiler may be added
1/10 electronics
Adjustable a arms are allowed
DE Regulator & Outlaw, Proline Slide job & Hoosier tires only, any compound

12T spec
Stock Traxxas 12T motor
Stock Traxxas esc
Stock Traxxas tire
Truck or Mud Boss body
2s limit
RPM parts with 2wd slash on the header tag will be allowed
LCG or high chassis
All other Salvas rules apply

1:10 Sportsman 
Beginners Only Class
Open to all 1:10 RTR Vehicles 

All other interpretations of unwritten and/or unspoken rules are up the the race director at the event.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns about these rule or their interpretation please feel free to call the shop at any time.  (717)-463-9173. Please do not depend on messenger for a quick response.