LCRC Inventory Restock for the week of July 13th, 2021

Here at LCRC, we are always working very hard to get the hard to get parts, but maybe have been missing the mark when it comes to sharing what we have gotten our hands on. We hear a lot of, "OH! When did that come back in stock!?" or "I have been looking for this part EVERYWHERE! I didn't know you had this!" 👀

📦We receive large shipments of inventory each and every week, but we don't want to bombard your social feeds with tons of posts and emails with every part we receive, which means, you don't get to hear about the cool inventory we have....

🤔So, we thought, instead of sharing each and every part, what if we make a list of items right inside our online store, adding parts throughout each week? This way, you can look through the parts that are new, (or just back in stock), to see if its something you have been searching for is back. So we are taking it on a test run!

You will be able to find the weekly restock lists on until the "New Arrivals" link on the navigation bar. This link will show everything that was received during that week, and at the end of the week, we will share it with you online! Want to see whats new before the share? Good idea, because it might just mean you get first dibs on the good stuff!

We would love to get your feedback on this: Is it helpful to see what comes in? Should we continue to share inventory restocks in this way?

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