2020 LCRC Mugen Gift Guide

Here’s what I know: It’s gift season, and ⅛ scale racers can be hard to buy for.  If you are a Mugen driver, we are here to help the people that love you enough to buy you EVEN MORE rc cars and parts. You know the deal: Just forward this email with a little note about the product you wanted for Christmas this year, and how they should buy it from LCRC because they are your favorite track on the East Coast, and family run, and have really cute kids that are always running around the shop so you know your purchase pays for them to go to college, and blah blah blah.  You get the drift. 

So here are the products Kevin thinks you can't live without, starting with cars from the Mugen platform. You already know his love for this brand, but why should you buy Mugen? For a lot of reasons, but first and foremost, because Kevin, the owner of LCRC, races this brand!  What does that mean for you as a customer? It means our inventory is expansive, and we usually have the best selling accessories, before you even know you need them. It also means a great buying experience, with one on one expert advice on what you need to get a great set up, right from the build stage.

Read below to see why the accessories are on Kevin's list of other must haves! 

  1. Mugen MBX8 Nitro Worlds Edition
  2. Mugen MBX8 Eco Team Edition
  3. Mugen MBX8T Nitro Truggy

The Mugen Nitro Truggy is currently unavailable, but we are taking pre orders for their next shipment. Contact Kevin at 717-463-9173 if your interested in getting on the list!

  1. Mugen MBX8T Electric Truggy

The Mugen Electric Truggy is currently unavailable, but we are taking pre orders for their next shipment. Contact Kevin at 717-463-9173 if your interested in getting on the list!

  1. Hobbywing XR8 Plug ESC/G2 Motor Combo

Kevin says, "The ESC has a very robust case that is durable."

  1. Sanwa M17 Radio with RX-491

Kevin says, "Yes, it communicates faster between the radio and receiver, but the reason I use it is because its lighter. I have trouble with my hands going to sleep while I drive, and this lighter weight radio made a big difference."

  1. KO Propo RSx3 Power High Torque Servo

Kevin says, "I currently have 10 of these servos between all of my cars, and not a single one is Version 3. Most are originals, and some are version 2, and I am yet to have a failure. They are strong and durable, and its worth spending the money one time for a servo that will last for years and years." 

  1. MBX8 Front Anti-Twist Inserts | Hard-Anodized Aluminum - $12.00

Kevin says, "

  1. Mugen Aluminum Servo Saver

Kevin says, "I have never built an 1/8 scale Mugen car without upgrading to the aluminum servo saver. Why? In short, because if you crash a lot, the steering linkage takes a lot of abuse. Its very worth eliminating a possible breaking point at the plastic arm."

  1. M2C 5239 Mugen 16mm "ZRS" Zero Rebound System Shock Caps (4) $42.99

Kevin says, "The pro's don't all agree, but in my opinion, these shock caps settle the car and make it easier to drive." 

  1. Flash Point One Piece Wing Button

 "The new one piece wing button by Flash Point strengthens the wing stay by providing a support across both sides of the tower."

  1. Avid RC AV1809-M-145 MBX8 Aluminum Shock Standoffs | +4.5mm | Pair $11.00

"Installing the Shock Stand Off Mod tilts the top of the rear shock towards the rear, which provides better rear grip."

  1. Mugen 20G Chassis Weight

"Installing the Chassis Weight is another great step towards better rear grip."

  1. JConcepts Reflex Green Tires

"Green JConcepts Reflexes are my favorite tire on our track. They offer the perfect compromise between grip and length of wear."

  1. Mugen 1.2mm Graphite Front Arm Plate
  2. Mugen 1.2mm Graphite Rear Arm Plate

"The A-Arm plates stiffen the Arms, making the car more agile, and they look cool."